Trailer boater's upgrade

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My ole trailer needed some love, in replacing the carpet. Looking for alternative, to carpet. As we all know how much carpet,  drag's on the haul,  when loading and unloading. I found a plastic bunk wrap, To cover the boards. After loading a couple time's, it is a great improvement, the boat slide's on and off with ease. It does not take as much power, to push the boat onto the trailer. As there much less drag. in the past before loading he boat onto the trailer, I use to dip the trailer far enough in the water to make sure all the board's got wet, so it would help reduce the friction, and scratches, loading the boat. Then pull trailer up to desired  dept. 

I'm sure there are other product's out there similar. This one come's either 2x4 or 2x6 wide. up to 16 ft long. took about 6 hour's to remove board's install wrap, and reinstall. 

For bonus points name that fish I caught yesterday.  In the last picture. 

Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit

Boat Name : 


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