paint clogging fuel system

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my rinker has twin mercury 5.0 efi with 125 hrs the engines and just had major problem with fuel system getting clogged from paint flaking/peeling off the internal filter box assembly. mercury has so far been reluctant to admit this is a design issue and address the problem. so if you have a no-start condition or engine wont take a load and pump working, filters changed, etc. then you may have this as well. if you change filters and you have black specks/discoloration in the little white filter below the cartridge filter you may have a problem. maybe painting the internal box with a paint that may not stand up to the ethanol added fuel exposure should have been thought thru  little more. anyone else have this issue? this is an expensive repair and wonder if the other engine is a ticking time bomb waiting for it to clog up...thanks. 


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    there is a bulletin out for this and we just discussed this on another topic last week.  Welcome to the forum.

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    Do a search for  "Gen 3 cool fuel issue"

    It will give more info on this problem.

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    I had the same issue with my 2003 312FV with Twin Volvos.  It is a desgin problem with the fuel pumps.  The pumps were designed with an interior painted surface to prevent rust and was done pre-ethenol gas era.  Now with the ethenol added to fuel practicually everywhere, the ethenol is a solvent and after little time begins to eat away at the paint and it flakes off and cloggs the fuel pumps.  I know on my Volvo, the pumps are not servieable, so I had to replace both of them.
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    2006 vps and same issue. sanded the paint off the fuel pumps flange where the filter o~ring seats. for me it was leaky fuel filters. all good 3 years later.
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