Flex, stupid batteries, poor talk (of the Bear Bryant variety), and what did you do?

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What did you do to your boat this weekend?

I host a couple web sites for other hobbies of mine, and I am a member of several more that ask this question on a sticky thread.... I'm sad to report it wasn't my original notion to create such a thing, but I'll tell you what I discovered it's good for:  it's good for folks to read and get ideas on what they can do to their boats to expound on what the designers already gave them... for instance:

I left the dang blower on... goof move, huh? The rocker was in the 'on' position for two entire weeks while the boat had more water falling on it than it did under it.. I say it was in the 'on position' because I doubt it was 'on' for any longer than a couple days... I must have hit it while arguing with the cockpit cover... anyway- that battery was T O A S T... The (smart) charger wouldn't even recognize opposing polarity.. So, I buy a new one.. New one works great.. guess what? Old one decided to take a charge after reconditioning it for two days straight.. So, I went and bought a new tray, and a switch (which the boat lacked)... Now I can sit on a sand bar all day long blasting music I can slightly hear over the waves crashing, and not worry about getting her to crank when I'm ready to head out.. good stuff, huh? .... I have about $125 and an hour and a half in it all told.. you fellers with smaller boats may want to consider such, too.. you fellers with bigger floaters that have them stock- well, I reckon I should have dropped the coin.. I didn't know how well y'all had it.. :-)

This is a straight up question: How much do you fellers on floaters big and small feel flex?  It was stupid active this weekend on the water, and waves+wakes were coming from every angle... For the most part I managed to negotiate with those things and ride 'em, but found myself cutting them several times, too.. While taking a good two and a half foot wake from a big **** Hatteras dead on, and riding out the wake of a Parker merging into the same channel just ahead of me and all while dealing with currents and tides, I felt my rig flexing like I've never noticed before.. It wasn't concerning or anything, as several well made boats I've been on in those conditions do the same... my question is, I guess, is 'how much flex is something to worry about?'..

which leaves poor talking.. Bear Bryant was one the best coaches that ever lived (though well behind General Neyland, mind you).. He had a habit of 'poor talking' his team and players to media and fans.. It turns out his goal was to motivate the players and team, and to mislead the press in their reporting (where other teams could read about it)... this was before 'scouting of practices' became a concern so much as it is today, and where it is taken so seriously that many campuses have built indoor training facilities... anyway, poor talk, poor mouthing, whatever you want to call it, has been practiced by many others likely before, but definitely after Bear's fabled run.... the reason why I bring it up and interject it here is because many readers of this forum may get the notion that Rinkers suffer many issues... that ain't so, I don't reckon.. What it is, in my opinion, is that the company has the integrity and the boldness to remain transparent with owners of their product as well as perspective buyers and host this forum dang near unedited for all to see.. Folks that come here with issues that could lead to such a conclusion about the quality of the product may need to hear it right here in print: "Y'all read and hear of issues here because this is a good place for owners to get together and share, not because there are any more issues with this brand than any other"...

okay.. off my soapbox!!!, but curios to hear about flex and anxious to hear about mod's you've done to your own rigs.. :-)
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