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Some of us who do not enjoy year-round boating are getting ready for the 2019 season.  That prep should include a review of your safety equipment.  Take a look at your life vests and make sure they are serviceable.  Honk your horn.  Look at the expiration dates on your flares.  You know, all that stuff you'll have to do if you get boarded.  

You can also take advantage of a free vessel safety check from your local Coast Guard Auxiliary (like me) or Power Squadron.   To request a VSC visit

Have a safe 2019 boating season.

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    Thanks Stodge, I used your link last year to have a great guy come down and inspect us and our finger mates. Will be doing that again...
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    The website for my club is in my signature and on the home page is our newsletter and I put in there the last 2 editions a page about things to check for startup.



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    As I tell the CGA every year during my safety check -- it's great to have another pair of eyes review my safety gear at the start of the season. 
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