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rsteaguersteague Chesapeake BayPosts: 10Member
So with this forum's guidance, I am now the proud owner of a 2005 Rinker 360!  I'm stoked!!
That said, in cleaning her up, I can't get the mid-birth table to raise up or come off the post?  Is there a trick to doing this?  The salon table works fine with its knob and telescoping post, but the other table is stuck in the down position.  There isn't any knob or double post? 

2005 Rinker 360 "Second Time Around"


  • rsteaguersteague Chesapeake BayPosts: 10Member
    So I took the top off and this table is adjustable like the salon table, but the knob had been removed and the nut portion is way down inside the channel. I’m wondering if that is wedged in there causing it to bind?  I may need to rig some sort of jack to see if I can remove the post. Anyone ever run into this?
    2005 Rinker 360 "Second Time Around"
  • randy56randy56 Newburgh INPosts: 2,800Member ✭✭✭✭
    ? the post is stuck in the floor or on the table?
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  • Dream_InnDream_Inn Annapolis, MDPosts: 5,616Member, Moderator mod
    Please take a picture.  Does the post actually come out of the floor?

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  • rsteaguersteague Chesapeake BayPosts: 10Member
    The post is recessed in the floor, and the table is stuck in the down position.  I removed the top to get a look at what is happening.  This table is like the salon table, in that it has the riser assist rob in the center of the tubes, and then an external knob you tighten to hold the table at the correct height.  Someone had taken that knob completely  off, and the nut looks like it is lodged at the bottom of the tubing.  I can only assume that it is somehow jamming the inner tube from risking?
    2005 Rinker 360 "Second Time Around"
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