Fresh water flush system

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I am thinking about installing a fresh water flush system  on my mercruiser 350 mag with a bravo 3 outdrive. It’s a raw water cooled engine and boat is left in salt water.

The configuration I am looking to install Is pictured below.

from what I have read online,  this on/off valve system would need to be installed on the hose from the transom that connects to the back of the raw water pump on the engine.

Does anyone have pictures of their installed fresh water flush system as a reference?
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    I would make sure you are not going to impede the flow of input water (I'm sure all of those connections reduce the amount of water flow through them).  You will also have to get in the engine room and change the position of those valves each time you want to flush, and more importantly change them back.  Just something to consider.

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    Something like this would be less expensive and restrictive (sub 40 bucks) than a marine made kit. You would need one with barbed fittings and 5/8 garden hose adapter but i didnt see an image of one.  Id only consider adding this if slip kept. If on the trailer you're not any better or worse off using ear muffs.

    The thermostat still needs to open before you are actually flushing the entire motor.  Much easier to do that after a good hard run than on a hose pipe.  A barrel for the outdrive works well if that's not an option.
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