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I have a 2005 250 fiesta vee. When I turn on the helm switch nothing happens and the switch light doesn't come.  Is there a fuse or any idea of the failure??


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    Welcome to the forum!  When you say nothing comes on, you are talking about the fresh water pump that runs the water thru your sinks?  Is there water in the tank?  I'm guessing you have a fuse/breaker out.  There should be some at your helm, but also probably some in an electrical panel near the galley?  Also may be some under a panel in the back of your cockpit near battery switches.  I don't know the specific layout of the 250, so I'm just going off of typical boats.  Maybe someone with a 250 will chime in.

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    Fresh water pump switch on the helm????
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    Fira, the water switch is in the cabin. Mine is next to the head and it's called Galley Pump. Make sure your water tank is full and then turn on this switch. Once you open the tap, the water should start coming out.

    As for the lights, what light switch are you turning on? What is the label on it (Cockpit, Transom, Spreader, etc), they each operate a different circuit. There's some inside the cabin as well, my switches are next to the head as well.

    Finally, yes, there are breakers for EVERY factory installed circuit on the boat. Some breakers are located under the steering wheel. You will see like push botton type breakers.  Other breakers are in the battery switch panel, next to the gateway at the back of the boat.

    I assume your batteries are charged and the battery switch is on??

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    I'm wondering if he's getting confused with the bildge pump.
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    Dan, that would make sense.

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    i have a 2006 270 and I have a Galley Pump switch at the helm.
    The light on he galley pump switch comes on when activated.
    Upon activating you shold here the pump working.
  • LobodemarLobodemar Tracadie NBMember Posts: 124 ✭✭
    If the lignht or the he pump doesnt come on verify your connection at the helm switch
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    Fira1, On my old fiesta vee the galley pump switch would light when turned on, and it was at the helm like you said.  If the light did not come on, the breaker may have tripped which was also right at the helm.  Just press to reset.  If the switch light comes on the pump should run.  Check behind the panel at the switch to make sure you have power. If the wire to the switch has power, but the light won't turn on when activated, the switch may have failed.  You can check your pump by running a jumper direct from your battery to the pump. 
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    Lobodemar said:

    i have a 2006 270 and I have a Galley Pump switch at the helm.....
    Fira1, On my old fiesta vee the galley pump switch would light when turned on, and it was at the helm like you said. ....

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    Fira- welcome and you have to start with more info. Did you just buy this boat last night and new to boating or have you had the boat for some time and a new problem. Your getting good input but if you can throw out more details, someone will have the answer. I have a 270 and no clue if it is set up near what you have.
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    I just purchased a 2005 FV 270 and not sure how the water system works. I turned the Galley switch on and I hear a pump kick on and the water pressure comes back to life big time. My question is, should that pump run all the time while the switch is on or cut off when the pressure hits a certain point? I "PLAYED" with the rocker switches every now and then trying things out and I guess hitting the Galley switch a few times kept some pressure in the line and that let the sinks work. Not real good but some water came out.I turned the pump on and works great but still wonder if by running a long time will the pump be damaged? One last thing, does this pump also supple the toilet? Thanks 
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    The pump should turn off automatically after it pressurizes the system.  When you open the tap, the pump should run while water is coming out.  After you close the tap, the pump should run for a second or two, then turn off.

    If the pump keeps running, it could mean a couple things.  Maybe your tank isn't full enough to prime the pump.  Try filling the tank all the way to the top.  Or you might have a loose fitting that is letting air into the pump.  Or, worst case, your pump is failing.  

    Some boats use tank water for the toilet, and some use raw water.  Turn off the pump and flush the toilet.  If it still flushes normally, then you have a raw water flush.  
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