Need new Engine

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Blew up my 5.7 this weekend. Siezed the motor and oil everywhere. Any reccomendations on where to buy a new or remanufactured 99 5.7 Mercruiser? Thanks

Steve V


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    Sorry to hear that. Alswag recently posted his recommendation in the last few days to another poster. you might PM him or see if a search will turn it up. Let us know what you end up with. Mike

    Edit:  found that comment. Here's the LINK

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    :(( :(( :((  Sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    All I've wanted was to just have fun.

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    Maybe you didn't lose it all  :((

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    Why does it never happen at the end of the season
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    Sorry about the bad news, do you know what caused it?
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    Al mentions in that thread a rotating assembly, otherwise known as a shortblock, for $3500... You'd need heads, or rework the ones you have, intake manifold,.exhaust manifold, ect... You should be able to use a lot of your stuff off the current engine.. depending, of course, on condition..
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    Sorry to hear .................... if in the Massachusetts area try Doug Russell Marine

    Best of Luck

    John & Kathy

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