New to me 2006 270 gen and ac question

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About to sign a deal on another 270. Anyone with an ‘06 know hourly average fuel consumption on the Koehler 5k gen? Also having trouble finding the ac raw water pump. It is not with the shower and bilge pump drains like my 2000 under the aft mattress. Thanks.


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    Paul, the hourly fuel consumption depends on the load put on the Genny. Kohler has a fuel consumption chart somewhere but fully loaded I would guess 1.5 gallons an hour. Not too many 270s have a genny and AC. 
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    Thanks. I will look for the chart. My houseboat had a 12.5k Westerbeke that only burned about a gallon an hour running ac and a couple small loads. Debated about the factory gen since I could run my little Honda with the ac on at about a gallon per 7 to 8 hours.
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    My 2002 has the ac pump in the aft bilge.  It's tucked up in there...hard to see.
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    I had thought that under load the 5e was somewhere between .75 and 1.0 gph 
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    lying in the aft cabin =facing forward = up and left.
    kohler 5e =
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  • pault1216pault1216 Indianapolis, INPosts: 197Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks trip_n. I also found this after my post-
    5KW Kohler 5EKD
    Fuel Consumption 60 Hz
    Gasoline, Lph (gph) at % load
    100% 3.52 (0.93) 
    75% 3.26 (0.86)
    50% 2.87 (0.76)
    25% 2.57 (0.68)

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