To The Wharf in DC for the 4th

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So I'm taking my 370EX from Edgewater to the Wharf Marina in DC for the week of the 4th.  Just curious about the trip, if anyone has any good information?  I am planning on two days, maybe five to seven hours of cruising each day.  Have heard to watch the weather because the mouth of the Potomac has some rough water.  


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    Don't know the area, but I've used the on-line Navionics chart viewer for planning trips.[email protected]&key=gangFh%7BfsM

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    Well, I did that exact trip last 4th of July (except we anchored out for the fireworks).  We allowed a total of 10days, but did some anchoring and meeting up along the way.  I'm hoping you are allowing 2 days each way?  It can get very rough at the mouth of the Potomac, so you will want to watch out for that and allow changes in your cruising schedule.  We had 4 boats attempt the trip, one had to turn around for some mechanical issues.  So it was 2 400s and a 390.  One of the 400s had lost a drive in DC, so he came back later on and was able to make the trip home in one day.  

    @LaRea can tell you a bit more about what to watch out for on the Potomac itself.  Actually, I believe he'll be coming down the Potomac on the 5th.  

    Here is a link with a few pictures of our trip last year.

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    Yeah, Point Lookout can get sporty if there's a south wind and outgoing tide.  Your boat will handle it for sure, but you might need to take it slow.  

    The DC fireworks are gonna be effed-up this year for boaters.  They are shutting down about a third of the area normally available for anchoring.  Everything from Memorial Bridge to Roosevelt Bridge is off-limits, so the result will be over-crowding and chaos.  If you're getting a slip at the Wharf, plan on staying there during the fireworks! 
  • jdcstlbryjdcstlbry Liberty Marina, Edgewater, MDMember Posts: 21 ✭✭
    I am giving myself two days each way, thanks for the info, will keep it slow at Point Lookout. Great pics, looks like you had a blast! I am getting a slip at the Wharf, guess I will watch the fireworks from there with the closures.
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    If you want a nice stop halfway up the Potomac, consider Colonial Beach.  My favorite there is Bayside Marina (  It's an easy 3 hours from there to DC. 

    Or you could try Coles Point  Nice pool, and not far from the Bay.  

    When you hail marinas on the Potomac, use channel 16.  Nobody here uses 9.  
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