Problem shifting bravo III into forward

SpyderwebSpyderweb Syracuse, NYPosts: 305Member ✭✭
Out on boat 3 days this past week.  Several times port drive did not want to shift into forward.  Played with throttle a bit and eventually it would “clunk” and go into gear.  It was intermittent.  Most of the time it shifted ok.  Talked to service manager.  Said most likely shift cable is stretched (likely 11 years old).  Said sometimes they can adjust it to buy more time before needing to replace.  He said he would have his guys look at it.

Got call today.  I was out and wife took call.  He said the techs could not duplicate it.  Said next time I was up to boat I could take tech out with me and try and duplicate it.  

Problem is intermittent.  Does tech really have to produce problem to fix it?  I thought there were specific measurements and specs in installing/adjusting shift cable.  At some point cable could be too stretched to achieve those specs and it won’t shift until it’s replaced.  So I expected a call saying they readjusted it OR it’s too worn, I need a new one.

Am am I missing something here?


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