New design in props'

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attached is a completely new design in propellers. I'm sold, was going to buy, until I seen the price................. Enjoy.
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    $36,000 and I can save 10% on fuel
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    @aero3113 you are correct, I missed it. the interesting thing is the man had an Ah Ha moment and he came up with the design . We all have great minds, if we use them. How  much do you think start up cost were? to get it developed.It  Had to be a lot. I'm sure the price will come down in a few years. But that's a lot of money for a stump finder.  Before i had found the price, was thinking I'd give a grand for one of those right now. Ha

    @reneechris14 Another interesting point learned, we spend 40% of our time at idle speed. On average. And 6% WOT.  The sharrow prop is not a good return on investment. To say the least. Still cool though. Wish you thought of it and i could be your test guy on different boats. 
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    He's been sniffing too much saw dust
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    I can see it being cost effective when you are fishing off of the east coast and running 30 plus miles out just to hit the stream then busting tale to get 30 plus miles back to get through the inlet before dark.  

    For 9k i can marinize a yanmar(bmw) or mercedes diesel, get the stand alone ecu, custom harness, custom gauges and match it to a used 280 or 290 volvo penta duo prop and even have money left over for a tank of fuel.  

    9k would buy enough fuel and beer for years if i leave the 350 in my boat alone as is and just keep it maintained.

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