2001 Rinker fiesta Vee 270 towing

Does anyone know the trailering tongue weight for a 2001 Rinker fiesta Vee 270? I am having to tow my boat from Tennessee to Michigan and want to make sure I have the right tongue weight. I don’t know what kind of hitch to put on my truck. A raised or lower hitch or straight hitch. 


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    It's should be less than 1000 pounds, I think 10% of the boats weight however a lot of the boat weight is at the back.  What  are you towing it with? 
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    Hitch level is determined by vehicle and trailer height, you want the trailer level when on the hitch. 
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    I’m towing it with a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab with trailering package and max cooling. 
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    I would think you should be fine with a straight hitch no drop or rise. I think you're good to tow 10,700 from looking online. I have a Reese hitch and ball that's rated to I believe 16,000 to tow my 280 EC, it's overkill ove better safe than sorry and it wasn't very expensive. I tow with an F350 diesel just FYI. 

     I towed a Bayliner that weighed about the same as your 270 with my Tahoe no problems and had a straight hitch. 
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    If 2 guys can stand on the swimplatfrom and the tongue of the trailer comes off the ground you need to move the boat up on the trailer. 
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     Some tips I picked up: put a strap from the trailer to the bows u bolt, it keeps the boat from bouncing.  I keep an infra-red temp gun w me check the hubs to see that they are all the same temp.  

    The lower / higher hitch is the same, just flip it over to your preference and meeting height of your rig.
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    You can slide that roller back a bit also...I find on my 270 when I crank my boat up at the ramp , the trailer flexes and is on the roller...until I get it flat...so I move it and then end up moving it back again..if it's on the roller it won't bounce...and bouncing us not good...
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    If you’ve just left the ramp & find you’re not quite far ahead enough on the trailer - find an empty parking lot & hit the brakes a bit hard. Boat will slide up into the sweet spot on the bow roller, no bouncing.
    Easy to do if the bunks/boat is still wet.
    Then re-do the transom straps.

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    When I tow my 280EC with my F150, I have a rise on the hitch. My trailer has a built in hold down strap on the front. Awesome feature.
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