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We have a Pets on the Rinker thread, Best Sunset Pics and Joke of the Day. So I had a thought about a "Pic of the Day". To make it interesting I propose the following. It can be a pic of the boat, on the boat, from the boat, whatever but the idea is it's something that makes you happy. Should be posted same day if possible but only if you are able. But fresh, not something from the archives. Location if you wish, we can all drool over the beautiful and interesting spots we boat in.
What do you think?
I'll start with this taken this morning.
June 29 2020 about 11 A.M. headed North from Cooks Bay into Lake Simcoe. Island on the right is Snake Island and on the left is Fox Island. Anchored off the shoal marked by the buoy in line with the flag. First swim of the year, the water finally hit 70F.

"Knot Quite Shore" - 2000 FV270 (Sold)
2018 Cherokee 39RL Land Yacht (Sorry...)


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