New upholstery

rasburyrasbury Member Posts: 7,898 ✭✭✭✭✭
I had mentioned in the express cruiser section I had my deck seating recovered. Also mentioned that while the quality of the work looks great, it does not "fit" together on the port side seating. What I'm after here, and it's hard to explain, the length is shorter and makes the gap a3s pictured. They used the seat bases/wood as these in the front were fine. The only thing I can think of, the vinyl and foam must of extended beyond the edge of the wood and wraps back around, does that make any sense? I assume this is how any of the express boats were made, mine is a 270. This one part is the bench on the port side base. If someone could flip theirs over and post a pic it might solve the mystery.  @j3ff are you still at your boat?


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