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I thought i would start a new thread on this.  I decided it was time to redo the upholstery on my 2003 342.  It was getting brittle in areas, seams where starting to come apart...possibly from my cleaning and no matter what i tried i couldn't get rid of a mold smell that was just driving me nuts.  I pulled all the seats out and to get the Captains seats out you need two people.  Then started to get estimates.  Typical local upholstery shop that i go to quoted me $4,400 for everything. They are also really backed up and couldn't get to it till June.  I found http://www.copycatupholstery.com/index.html and decided to give them a shot.  They came back at $2000. You basically send them just the skins and they will make new ones for you in that shape.  You can choose the exact design or customize.  I am going more with a look similar to what @javhav did but with just a few tweaks.

I  pulled all the cushions apart and went to work getting the mold out of the foam.  LOTS of bleach and vinegar.  One big soaking in a tub of bleach water and one dousing in vinegar.  Let them sit out in the sun to dry.

Several of the cushions plywood was rotted so i made new ones out of exterior grade 1/2 plywood.  All others were treated with chemicals to get rid of the mold and then painted with a primer to seal them.  Two of the cushions on the port wall have plastic (styrene .090) backs.  They were brittle, cracking and i think the staples were the only thing holding them together.  An email to Rinker (Malary Wagner [email protected]).  Notice the new email.  They will make the new seat backs for ~$65 and shipping.  Which is a good deal because anywhere else i was looking to buy a full sheet of this and then have to cut out all the holes myself. 

Taking apart the captains seat was also a chore.  The L bracket that holds the seat back to the base is aluminum and the bolts through it are stainless steel.  After 17 yrs they had fused together.  That meant i had to drill out the holes and break out the tap and die set to re-thread them. I am gonna put up some pics so you can see what the cushions looked like. They were all in about the same shape.  I am doing my best to save the foam as it would easily add another $1500 if i had to replace that as well. In addition to the vinyl here is a list of the other stuff i have ordered for this project.

Pneumatic Staple gun $85
10k Stainless Steel staples $65
Cushion underlining (bottom of the seats) $100
Misc Foam 4"x1/8" $300
Paint $50
2" and 2 1/2 Stainless Steel screws and washers to replace a lot of the corroded ones. $25
Plywood $50

It is gonna be about a month before i get the new skins back but i will take some pics re-assembling. The other thing is to get a good pair of tough gloves.  My hands and arms are all gouged up from the staples and i get reminded of how stupid i was for not wearing gloves every time i use hand sanitizer now. 
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