Cleaning up a little boat use I hope!

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Finally got the boat home , cleaning up a bit and looking at the projects that still need to get complete!

Couple areas I could use a little input on our 06/270.

I keep a moring cover on it trailered, fresh water boating is our wheel house.

Recently replaced all the helm and lounge area interior/carpet.

I've had the boat 8 or so years and the front deck has really taken a beating from the sun. Just can't keep any kind of finish to last very long. It gets pollen all over it...mold starts and it's tuff to clean (using deck cleaner non skid stuff) and I know I have to keep up with something as I'm guessing that's just not good for the hull..and ditto for the swim platform...I swear I'm thinking of painting both those surfaces, is that a reasonable option?

Speakers- still have the factory original everything and if that worked, I would not have a problem. It has the controls at the helm and the swim platform (never worked), it has a separate 6 disc, over the TV area there is a big amp of some sort. Couple of the speakers have blue crap running out if they get wet and one by the map pocket I swear is a source for a cabin leak. Will they leak through that speaker material and at the least with the blue crap, time to just update? Still use the amp ? All the speakers seem to sound OK but if that one is leaking...

I have not addressed a trim issue. .it "works" but afraid it's going to strand me. 100 % electrical and will do some research.

Thanks for any input! Always pick up the tips here...


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    My cabin top was soft from a windshield leak so I drilled from the top and loaded it up with west system the repair is rock solid ... but I have to finish the top it was getting late in the season so i just put the boat in Ill paint  it in the fall with Total boat and let you know how it comes out ....I think if you paint it will seal up all the gelcoat and will be easier to keep clean ,the 2 part paint they have out now work great 
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    When I brought my boat home from Maryland my front deck had horrible mold issues. I tried cleaning with the nonskid deck cleaner also, would kinda take care of the mold but a couple weeks later it was back. After a while I figured I had nothing to loose so I tried a 10 to 15% bleach solution. I used a spray bottle and saturated the deck and waited about 10 minutes, keeping it wet and scrubbed it with my deck brush and rinsed it really well. My boat was neglected so the mold came back at maybe 25% of previous level so I repeated the bleach treatment, that did it, two years mold free now. Followed up with Starbrite non skid deck wax, two coats, and the deck looks great now. I’m sure the bleach doesn't do a freshly waxed hull any good so maybe try it before you do the hull. 
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    A few years ago, chemical cleaners stopped working because the formulas were changed to reduce environmental impact.  Now I rely  entirely on pressure washing to clean the foredeck.  
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    Brush attachment on an orbital polisher and boat wash soap makes short work of cleaning the top deck and swim platform.  Trust me.
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    So, I get mold once a year or so and found the home armor  to work extremely well and not take off my wax on the hullsides when I rinse it off real well.  Spray it on and scrub it in a little, leave sit (but not dry) for just a couple minutes.  Great cheap stuff that actually works very well. 
    Mold Armor 32 oz. Mold and Mildew Killer and Quick Stain Remover FG502 - The Home Depot

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    @Dream_Inn , I love that stuff! 
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    skennelly said:
    Brush attachment on an orbital polisher and boat wash soap makes short work of cleaning the top deck and swim platform.  Trust me.
    Oh it does...and I found one I could put on my regular buffer but did not have to break that out.  
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    Got the deck cleaned up to an acceptable and front and back sprayed down with the starbright non skid wax (before I saw the bleach idea, thanks).
    I'm going to try and buff the color on the hull and throw some wax on the side, the covered interior looks pretty good.

    So, the speakers are Sony xsmp62 and looks like a common marine speaker...which I know nothing about..specs say:
    6 1/2" 140W, 4 OHM. Woofer with a 2" tweeter.

    I don't need to be the guy that pulls up that the radio causes its own wake..what is important to look for as replacement? I see others that don't say having the tweeters...some are 280 W, is higher number ok? 4 OHM, does that need to match up? Dual cones? I pulled the one speaker and poured water and it ran right through...the seal of the speaker material against the metal frame is not good and must be the cause of my mid ship  cabin leak- the other 3 if the leaked it would do into the bilge- the one by the map pocket would head right in there...
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    Ideally the speakers should closely match the RMS output of the amplifier for best performance but since you are probably not looking to be an audiophyle making sure the speaker wattage exceeds that of the amp is good.  4 ohm is the norm.  Subwoofers will get into 2 Ohm and amplifiers can drive more power into 2 Ohms.  Dual cone ect again are specifics that you probably won't be able to distinguish.
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    What about the control for the helm and the swim platform...would there be compatible replacements?  Will clarion controls work on about anything? I guess most just replace the whole system and don't deal with this.  
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