Mercruiser 8.2L Sea Core

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My 2019 290EX has an 8.2l Sea Core engine that is overheating. I first checked, then added coolant and no issues for a few outings. Then last outing serious overheating and wouldn't cool down. The first few times the temp dropped when i went to idle. Not the last time, just kept getting hotter. I heard this engine might have an issue with the heat exchanger. anyone have any insight on this? thanks in advance!!


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    I would start with checking the condition if the raw water impellor, probably just change it out while you are in there. If its missing parts they may be in the heat exchanger. 
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    Thanks for the feedback. My mechanic says the placement of the impeller makes it impossible for him to get it out and will have to pull the engine to do so. This doesn't sound right, shouldn't the impeller be replaced every couple of years? 
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    Sometimes it can be that difficult.  You need to be a contortionist to get into places and if your mechanic isn't a slim man it might be that hard.  Marine engines are stuffed in their especially if you have twins.
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    The placement is terrible but there's no way Rinker built the boat in such a way that the engine must be removed to replace the impeller.
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    Can you post a picture of your engine compartment for us to see?
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    The engine room on the 290EX is the same as the 280EC. I have a small block, and I was able to get to the raw water pump. You need to squeeze down in there, but it can be done. If there is a genny in there, it could be more difficult. 
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    Get a second opinion from a different mechanic. 
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