have an ecm problem on one engine.  engine will not rev over 3400 when under load. have swapped ecm's on the engines and problem follows.
Its like a rev limiter action where the engine just momentarily stops and you can see the tacho bouncing. once you drop the revs to 3400 all good etc
So i need to replace the ecm, now looks like no longer available from mercruiser!!!
the details on the ecm and engines as follows

Original delphi part # is 16236999 [see pic attached] am also told mercruiser  part # 861926T3. This supersedes to 892798A01 kit and when i google it   

This product is no longer available!!!!!!!!!!!

My  existing engines are the 350 merc with efi [throttle body] rated at 260 hp

Engine details  2001 mercruiser 5.7 tbi  260 hp  Eng serial # OMO15253  & OMO15252

would anyone have a used one they want to sell or know where i could get a new one or a used one?

really appreciate your help on this as its starting to bug me,

I am coming over next week for a trade show in Las Vegas so i will be on your side of the world,

regards john

"festina lente" - 2001  340 FV


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