2023 A year of change

GrahamuGrahamu Lefroy, Lake Simcoe, ON, CDAMember Posts: 759 ✭✭✭
After many discussions between the 2 of us we have decided to make a major change in our boating life. My wife will be retiring late spring and we have decided to do more extended cruises. In fact if all goes well we are seriously considering the Great Loop. With that in mind we have put our Rinker 342 FV up for sale and have an offer on a 1995 Monk 36 Trawler. A much more relaxing style of boating but then we will have time to enjoy it.
I appreciate all the help and suggestions I have received and hope some of my input has been useful on this site. It is the only social media site I have ever been on, my wife is the opposite, LOL.
I will still check in as it has become a habit every morning. Wishing everyone good health and safe boating in 2023.


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