Live de Life on the Great Loop

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I will try and post our monthly summaries on this thread starting with August 2023. Our first planned day on the Loop turned into a weather day due to strong winds on Lake Simcoe so our journey started on Monday August 14/23 from Lefroy Resort and Marina and on August 31/23 were anchored in The Pool which is at the end of Baie Fine the longest fresh water fjord in the world. We are now in The North Channel for a few days.

Above is our track for the month. There is a small gap of 20 miles due the transponder accidently being turned off.
Summary for August.
317 miles, 47 engine hours, 17 genset hours, 130 galls of diesel approx.
8 nights on a paid dock, 2 nights on a free dock, 8 nights at anchor, 5 weather days (unable to travel)
I filled the fuel tanks in Honey Harbour and so will have a better readings of fuel usage on the next fill some where in Michigan.. There are no sight gauges on the tanks just a gauge at the engine panel.
The admiral has opened a Facebook thread under "Live de Life" and is posting to it regularly, this our only social media sight. You can also see our real time locations and cruises on the app Nebo Global, free app,
That's it for the first post, we are presently in Little Current and another weather day.


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