Starboard Engine stalled wouldn't start gas tank Vapor lock?

tricountytrailtricountytrail Member Posts: 182 ✭✭
Port tank ran out of fuel last trip long trip coming across lake, was feeding both engines 496 Mags from starboard tank read just under 1/2. was running fine. idling at dock warming up engines and starboard engine stalls like it is out of gas.
pulled cool fuel filters and put in new filters. when I opened fuel line to fill bowl in cool fuel thought I heard the gas suck back to tank. couldn't gas gas to flow to prime filter. added gas to both tanks and had to manually prime, once pumps primed everything was fine. added 46 gal to both tanks and ran each engine from its own tank ran great. 
Weird problem I will check to make sure starboard tank gas cap is vented.


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