Festiva 212 (Yr 2000) anchoring

Hi, does anyone else notice that the position of the bow navigation light directly below the bow anchor cleat on the Festiva 212, means that the nav light could be caught by the rope under strain and possibly be damaged/chaffed, certainly looking at other boats in my marina with similar configurations, more than 50% are missing their nav light covers.  I have tried to work out how to prevent this and have come to two solutions:

1) use the bow eye (winch point) to anchor off using a clip and an attached rope so that I can pull the anchor rope up rather than having to lean out over the bow.
2) install some chocks on either side of the anchor cleat or one fairlead at the front of the bow and feed the anchor rope through those

Ideally I would like to fit a a single bow rope guide, or chocks but have no experience of fitting these, have any other owners installed chocks or fairleads or have any other suggestions, thanks


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