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Hello everyone and thanks for letting me aboard. I have just purchased my first boat. That being said I really didn't know much about my 99 captiva when I got it. It has everything I was looking for in a boat. Well after looking everything over more thoroughly when I got her home, I noticed that I have a problem. Both of the exhaust manifolds are cracked. Basically I understand it has to be fixed. Really looking for some advice on where to start looking. I feel it's something that I can accomplish myself but don't know where to look for the parts. The seller told me to contact him if I have any problems. Would it be fair to ask him for help with the cost? Thanks in advance. 


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    One place to start is, which is pretty good for looking up part numbers based on your engine serial number (or year/model).  Once you find the part number, shop around (local shops, ebay,, etc).    

    Did the seller make any representations in writing about the mechanical health of the boat?  If not, you're probably out of luck on getting him to help on a 26-year-old boat.  But it wouldn't hurt to ask. Also, he might have a good local source for risers.

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  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    Thanks for the information. We did not put it in writing so I guess I'm out of luck. Sometimes trusting people doesn't always work out. 
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    Is it something you could or should have noticed on the test drive?

  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    I noticed some water had gathered when we removed the plug but didn't think much about it. I was just going over everything and noticed a little bit of rust on the bottom side of the manifold and traced it to a crack. I should have paid more attention. 
  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    I gave found the serial number on the engine but having trouble finding parts. At is said the number is invalid. However it pops up on another site but they don't offer the manifolds. Any other suggestions? 
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    Do you think it's possible that the seller didn't know either?
  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    I truly believe he did not know either. 
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    Good...i like to think that people are inherently honest.
    At the same time..."As is, where is"

  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    I figure that I will still let him know about the problem. I have to contact him when I get it transferred this week anyhow. Maybe he will help or maybe not. Either way I can't wait to get her in the lake.
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    Check out Bam marine for Oem mercruiser parts.  At least you will be able to cross referance to a Barr marine manifold one you get the Oem part number.  
  • bstrange1300bstrange1300 Louisville KYPosts: 7Member
    With the information from you folks, I have managed to find my part numbers. I went with hge brand because they are about the only aftermarket producer. The best price I found was at Michigan Motorz. Nice, friendly, and helpful people. Also the seller has agreed to split the cost of everything. Thanks again for the input! 
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    Good luck and I have bought many things from MI Motorz, definitely a good place to deal with!  Good luck on your install  and welcome to the forum!

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