Recently Purchased 1988 Rinker Fiesta Vee 250

Hi all,

I have spent a few days looking at all of your posts. I just recently purchased a very babied 1988 Fiesta Vee 250 from a close family friend. He's gotten to the point where his age is stopping him from being able to enjoy the boat due to its size. I currently own a 1999 Bayliner Capri (also babied).. Just not big enough for the boating i like to do....Caught the footage fever!!

I purchased the boat and trailer for a song..and am now planning pull it from the thousand islands to my home in Rochester NY. The boat was winterized last year, and then re winterized this year. Recently had gimbal bearing replaced. The boat did not go in the water last year.. or run at all. Both the original owner, and the mechanic say she needs just a little elbow grease (cleaning) to come back to life. Im skeptical.. but for the price its a chance I'm willing to take. 

Anybody know where I can get manuals... reproduction parts and pieces?

Thanks for all the great info in this forum... Ive yet to see an owner with a boat this "aged" on here but Im banking on the fact the systems havent changed TOO much. ANY info you guys have or may come across would be much appreciated!



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