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2003 34 ft Rinker. When installing new navigational lights I accidently pulled a wire through the deck. Now I need to install a new wire but need to know how to get below the deck to make this connection.

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    Are you talking about the wires to the bow lights?  

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    You may be able to completely remove the navigational light housing and hook the wire with a piece of coat hanger with a hook at the end. If not I fear you will have to remove interior headliner trim or if lucky access via the anchor locker depending on model.

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    Finally found a mechanic that said he has done this several times before. He will doit sometime next week
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    Give us an update on how he did it. I'm trying to replace mine with LED's and can't pull the lights up. It appears the wires are pretty tight.
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    Don't you guys replace the bulbs only ....
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    I replaced the entire fixture. I used the Attwood 3500 series lights. I did this because the colored lens was very faded out to the point that the red light was orange and the green looked more white than green. For my all around light, I replaced just the bulbs.
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    Water gets in those original lights. 

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    On my 2006 270, I decided to change out the forward nav lights due to them being nasty looking. When I pulled the starboard side light off and then pulled off the base, the light came right out. The bottom of the light was attached to spade connectors that were completely surrounded with some kind of sealer, probably silicone. I had to dig out the silicone but still could not get access to the wires. I started to disassemble the interior to gain access to the lights but then noticed that I had poked a hole in the upholstered side panel.  I pulled the material down a little to look inside and found that the nav light wires and connector was engulfed in another glob of silicone. There was a white connector attaching the nav light to the wiring harness (same type connector that I see on other connections around the boat).
    Now when I install the new nav lights I will need to run a wire from that connector, add spade connectors to the wires and run them thru the deck hole to the new light, then fill the hole again with silicone, both on deck and in cabin.  
    I will need to do the same to the port side but this time I know where the light is.
    As I do the work I will take pics and post, maybe it will help someone else with a 270.
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