Hey Rinker i redesigned your dash hnt hint hint. You may want to consider these ideas.

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My chart plotter was an old Garmin 5208 and my gauges were frustrating.  Speedo was tough to keep working and when it did it wasn't as accurate as gps and tachometers were always sticky.  So I bought a set of gauges from Great Lakes Skipper, a Garmin 942 and some 1/2 thick starboard.  I was going to fiberglass in the old hole but started looking for a glove box as i am always looking for a place to put my phone, car keys, wallet etc...Found this also on GLS.  Made a few templates from card board and then pulled out my trusty router.  I also found some vinyl laminate that is really close to what was already there.  It was just a mat finish.  So i sprayed it with polyurethane.  The gauges also came with a wiring harness so i had to do some careful research and then splice it into the old wiring harness plug.  All in all i like it.  Having the chartplotter up in front is huge and i also like the way it turned out by adding in the glove box.  

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