Shower Sump Pump Location/Installation

I just bought a 2004 Rinker 250 Fiesta Vee.  The previous owner said everything worked.   Well  I had a marine mechanic winterize my boat a few days ago and he discovered that the shower sump pump was disconnected.   He said it probably was not working so the previous owner just disconnected it.  I'd like to buy a new one.   Does anyone know the part number and how to install it?   Instead of calling the marine mechanic back I would like to do this myself.  I am an auto mechanic and probably can do this.   Where would I look for the shower sump pump ?   

Also,  my water pump (to pump fresh water through my sinks) stopped working....any ideas what I should look for?  It did work a few weeks ago.  I checked fuses.  Not fuse. 

And finally...the previous owner told me in order to put water in the toilet I had to use the shower to fill up the bowl. That doesn't make sense.  Why can't I use the pump handle alongside the toilet to pump fresh water into the bowl? I tried pumping and nothing happens.   Could use some help.  Thanks. 


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    Shower pump and sump is located in the floor, under an access plate. I used a rule brand to replace it. Or you can replace the whole box. That holds pump and float. 

    Rule 25D-6WC Marine Rule 500 Marine PWC Pump

    Fresh water pumps, cost about $30.  

    New RV / Marine 12 Volt DC / 12 V DEMAND Fresh Water Diaphragm 35 PSI Self Priming PUMP

    Is your boat in the water? the toilet sucks water from underneath the boat.  
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    What does the fresh water pump do - run at all? If not then more investigation is needed - electrics, pump itself. If it runs but not pump could be air. But if winterized why are you poking with water systems now?
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    Shower sump ... best to see what's there and get a replacement. They normally just pop out and you snap a new one in.

    Water pump, I agree, you need to investigate more, here are some possibilities:

    - no power to pump due to blow fuse, popped breaker, ground disconnected

    - pump not working ... motor fried.

    - disconnected discharge and it's pumping into your bilge.

    - air lock in the system, need to prime.

    - water tank is empty.

    As for the toilet, he might be saying you just need to add some water to create a seal and get the manual pump primed. You shouldn't have to always do it. Once water is in the pump, it should stay primed. Is the boat out of the water, or the head completely dry?

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    Here is the replacement shower sump box.

    My fresh water pump quit working a few years ago. I ended up getting the rebuild kit for it and it worked great ever since. If the pump makes noise, but doesn't pressurize the system, a rebuild kit is the way to go. If it isn't making noise, then check to see if it has voltage and go from there. You found a great forum for getting you thru these minor bumps on the road to great boating.

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    When You find the access panel in the floor containing the shower sump, (probably under aft berth mattress), you should also find the through hull water inlet for the toilet and also the A/C if equipped. The seacock valve may well be turned off preventing water from being pumped in. I too prefer to use fresh water from the sink to flush the toilet, because I don't care to have the nasty river water passing through my pump, staining the bowl, and stinking up the grey water holding tank!
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    You are experiencing the minor annoying issues typical to any brand of power boat. All are fixable with the guidance here at this great forum. If these are the only problems with the boat and everything else works, count yourself fortunate!

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