2006 FV 270 anyone remove or replace the searchlight?

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I know it's still a ways off before I can get to it here in New England but I am trying to get ideas. I posted a while back about my searchlight. It is the Jabsco stainless steel bullet shaped light. It woks somewhat but flops around underway and doesn't always rotate unless I fiddle with the remote. I tried emailing Harvey Marine who it seems repairs them but got no response. A direct replacement is over 900 deer, which is too much in my opinion. I don't drive the boat at night but do use it sometimes in coves when staying overnight. I have two questions. Has anyone just removed theirs and replace it with a small flag mast?  I could just buy a handheld searchlight. Are you left with holes in the bow rail that look bad?  Or has anyone tried the much less expensive wireless remote LED lights as a replacement?  The white plastic ones. Just a few hundred for those. Are they junk or will it suffice? Any input is welcome. 
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