Transporting a 2005 342

johnepjohnep Seacoast NHMember Posts: 114 ✭✭
My wife and I bought an 05 342 on Cape Cod, Ma.  We are trying to get it transported to New Hampshire were we live.  It is at a residence on blocks and stands.  I will need to have it brought to a marina and put on a sling, then a transport trailer, then off by sling at the local marina.  The boat with the dome is 13' and that seems to be the deal breaker for one hauler to do it all.  Aren't Rinkers tracked to the dealers? Are they all removed by sling?  Just seems a bit crazy to me.  I had my 30' boat transported with no issue and that has the arch and dome as well.  Any ideas on if there is a better way?  The motors are pickled so I cant run it up.  Thanks in advance!


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