So I have wondered, ....

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What does everyone here do for a living? You read comments off to do this or that....I'll start..

I have been in the vehicle business for about 30 years...started with an ambulance mfg. Co doing chassis purchasing. We built about 2500 ambulances per year in two plants. I then went to work at a Ford dealership selling to commercial and fleet accounts for 23


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  • rasburyrasbury Sanford, FLPosts: 5,037Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Don't be boring then!
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    Handy is a professional message board fun sponge. :) Although in real life he's apparently a fun guy! 

    I'm just a tech director/teacher/property manager with a captain's license and am a certified diver..Do all kinds of things to make the bucks with that resume.  Took one of those tests in highschool that tells you what job you'll enjoy. The overwhelming result was "a desk job is not for you, it's got to be one where you're always moving", it's been working out so far! 
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    I'm a software developer for a retail giant.  I build everything from point of sale, inventory management to custom Android apps.
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    I operate freight trains for BNSF Railway 
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    Vice president, as of today, of the leading mfg of point of care computing products in healthcare. Think of the carts that nurses roll around to do electronic medical record documentation.  Although we make other products too...

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    Mechanical Engineer by degree. Transitioned to technical sales for 17 years. Now I manage a sales group for all the America’s. Whole career been in mechanical power transmission products (industrial and aircraft). 

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    Well I started out as a steel mill laborer and also was a state constable part time. Got hurt at work and lost my job so went back to school and got a B.S. in IT (2010). Worked a few regular IT jobs and now am a System Security Engineer for a government contractor. My job is to make it real hard for bad guys to hack into networks. I also daytrade in the stock market since 2013
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    Electronic Engineer. Design and manufacture engine sensors. 30 Years. Dead boring. Mostly involves poking wires down tubes. Note I have a Yanmar 4LHA in my 270, which has no ECU whatsoever.
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    I work at a bakery doing inventory...very exciting job
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    I repair trains. I work for the oldest public subway system in the country. Right now our trains are over 40 years old and well over 2 million miles. We are in the process of getting new trains for my line. Takes about 5/6 years to complete. 
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    I drive a brown truck, pickup the box and put it down.23 years in 7 to go. Some you guy sould like you do some cool. 
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    I'm a retired Army Officer (30 years) and now I'm double dipping, working as a civilian for the Army.
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    PS, before everyone runs out to get in the bakery inventory business its really not all that exciting. I was being sarcastic. And it dont pay much either. I saved a long time for the down payment on my boat
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    I’m a corporate safety manager (OHST) for a large intermodal company. I help develop safe operating procedures, enforce safety and audit compliance. I am responsible for all our terminals in the East from Michigan down to Florida so I travel quite a bit for work. 
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    I'm an IT professional.  I've had a variety of roles in IT including programming, design and analysis.  Currently I'm a database administrator.  I did IT work in the Army and for a variety of companies in different industries.  These days I work for GM.

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    Locomotive Engineer for the LIRR... 22 years in  (9 years, 10 months and 14 days to go... but who’s counting?!). 
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    Marketing (Product and Price Management) for a large polymer compounder. 
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    Chemical Engineer

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  • WillhoundWillhound Lake Simcoe, Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,830Member ✭✭✭✭
    Well...literally all over the map. Started shovelling asphalt on a construction crew at 16.
    5 years as a bartender/bouncer. (yep, just like the movie Roadhouse)
    5 years in a gold mine running heavy equipment and setting up high explosives for blasts. Back to school for a degree in marketing and sales. A few years selling newspaper and radio advertising. 13 years as a municipal marketing manager. Back to school. Fully licensed stock broker, financial advisor and life/health insurance business for 6 years. Retired. Spent too much time in the local pub. Went back to work part time in a building supply business just to keep busy. Was asked and accepted a full time position as supervisor of contractor sales, design and custom house builds which I currently do. Hope to cut back to part time in the next 3 to 4 years and fully retire (again) within the next 5. Could retire again now....but I picked up a nasty boating habit!!
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    See @rasbury everyone but you has a real job LMAO
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    Purchasing Manager (ingredients and packaging) for a co-manufacturer that produces protein and candy bars for many leading brands.  I also have my 50 Ton Masters Capt. Licence and I am a part time Crusin Tiki boat captain in Pittsburgh.
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    I am a Maintenance/Line Technician for one of, if not the largest, cable company in the world. Started 24 years ago as an installer. I watched the industry go from analog service to digital service. I was on the launch team for high speed internet when it was called @Home. I have been a line guy for 20 years and have been involved with cable going from fiber optics to the neighborhood to fiber to the home.
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    I'm a pilot for Delta Air Lines flying international out of JFK on the B 767. 
  • Dude_HimselfDude_Himself Charleston, SCPosts: 499Member ✭✭✭
    I build large analytics environments on the Cloud (AWS mostly) as part of a Global Learning and Enablement team. I'm a one-man wrecking ball that backstops everything technical across several organizations, performing miracles with Python and Bash.

    I'm also a Paramotor (Powered Paragliding) Instructor when I find the time. 
  • laureniac1laureniac1 Kirtland ohioPosts: 209Member ✭✭✭
    Firefighter / Paramedic in a suburb of Cleveland! I just spec out a Life Line Ambulance out of Iowa! We have been having bad luck with Horton in Ohio. We got the new International CV chassis- we will be literally the first to run the new CV chassis. 
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    Sports photographer.
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    Unbelievable, everyone is rich. 
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