*UPDATED* 2005 Fiesta Vee 270 water seeping up through forward bilge pump and shower sump holes.

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I have a new to me 2005 270 and have been in the process of replacing the shower sump (not working) and forward bilge and float switch (preventatively) 

The bilge was nasty as the shower sump had overflowed and had moldy water sitting in the bilge along with dirt and debris so I've been decontaminating it a few minutes at a time here and there. Every time I'd go back to it I had noticed a little brown water in the bilge, I just figured it was the bilge pump hoses letting a little water back in as I have been wet sanding that side of the boat.

Today I finally got around to installing the new sump and pump and had the same bit of water int he bilge again but this time I removed the screws that I had temporarily put back into the holes while I was cleaning and noticed water percolating up out of them. A pretty substantial amount too. I knew there was a piece of plywood under there so I took a half inch drill bit and drilled out the holes to investigate and the hole at the lowest point started practically gushing water out of it. In the last half hour I have emptied close to a pint out of the bilge and it still continues to come. The plywood is also saturated where the other holes were drilled.  
What could have caused this? The boat has pretty bad boat pox and some of them have burst, could that have saturated the hull? My worst nightmare is that being the cause. The boat also had a rub rail leak for a long time that I just remedied that would leak down along the starboard cabin wall, soak the carpet and leak into the storage compartments under the bench seat.

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    So know one has responded to this so I will chime in...did you have a survey done on this boat? I would get this into a marina somewhere to get looked at- if it has had major water intrusion to the hull you might have a real problem on your hands. If you had a survey done, which I hope you did, you may have some recourse back to that company and I hope others will chime in here for you.
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    That sounds like a major issue. There are ways to get the water put if in the hull, but takes pulling the boat. 

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    Only two ways to get water out of those holes. Screws too long and penetrated the hull. Unlucky but possible. Or water sitting in the layers of the hull and coming out ad suggested. At best an issue to be dealt with ASAP. At worst a delaminated hull and you might as well just use it as long as you can.
    You didn't mention a survey. Hoping you had one done, might have a fall back then.
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    I regrettably did not get a survey. The boat is out of the water on a trailer. I began to cut out that section of plywood and got about a third of it out. It was completely saturated. The screws definitely weren't too long. The forward bilge pump failed on the previous owner and a good amount of water was left standing in that bilge for quite some time. He told me about it and it's evidenced by the water stain line. I was really just hoping those screw holes were just seeping water into them when that happened. There was sealant on the screws for the new bilge pump but the shower sump which was original had zero sealant on the screws.
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    Hopefully just that water working it's way out. If you live where it freezes in winter I'd be worried the effect of ice in the hull pushing on things. Hate to make you worry but with luck maybe it'll work out. 
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    There's a core drying service - they drill a bunch of holes and draw vacuum for a week or so - but it's not cheap. It's also the only real way to save that hull unfortunately. I wouldn't "use it as long as you can". When that hull fails it could sink the boat fast - and if you're in the cabin or far from shore it could be deadly.
  • HivoltHivolt Member Posts: 3
    UPDATE 7/16/19

    I have narrowed it down to either the air conditioner coolant seacock or the toilet seacock. I blasted them with water for a while on a hunch and got a little trickle down into the bilge between the hull and the glass that was laminated to strengthen the bilge and the seacock area. Very poor work from the factory it looks like.

    Hopefully I dodge a bullet, Anything I should be on the lookout for regarding water anywhere else?
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    If those are leaking then I would re seal all of them...not hard to do and the diaster from them leaking- well just nuts not to IMO!
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