The next boat.... what's yours?

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Thinking long term.. here's the next boat I've got eyes on. 

It's become clear that fighting salt and an I/O is just never going to be a winning battle, so after the tools show up, my current 270 runs quiet (aka new gimbal and alignment verified and all is good) and when I believe she's reliable, it'll be tim to put her up for sale in the spring time. 

Seems like this boat is a nice mix of the two.. before buying this one I always wanted the 9 ft beam, because it seemed to just give so much more space. After trailering it a few times, I'm sold on the 8ft 6 inch beam and having it be a little less stressful. Paired with a yamaha 300 and being able to flush it each and everytime... that would just be a dream. Bottom paint every 2 years would seem like nothing compared to what's been going on lately!  Even with a new seacore I/O, I'm ready to get out of the I/O world after this winter!



Now of course I'm not going to be able to buy it for 10 years or so, till the prices come down to something realistic.. 100k is not even in my universe at the moment, but it's good to have goals right? 

What's your next boat?? 



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