Would you buy a 3D printed boat?

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    You must be bored Stodge
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    LOL I saw it on LinkedIn and had to share.

    2002 FV 342 on Lake St. Clair - Past Commodore SHC - Vessel Examiner USCGAUX

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    Great technology for prototyping but it needs a lot of refining to make an atractive vessel I'd buy. Some of the more advanced additive manufacturing processes with metals are providing higher quality results as used in aviation areas.



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    That is an excellent idea. I absolutely would buy a 3D printed boat, I think quality control will ultimately be better than with current manual method ... and cutting out a lot of labor, I suspect the price points would move DOWN.

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    It's just a matter of time.  Large-scale AM is a huge investment area these days.  I'm not sure when it will trickle down to rec boats.  It'll start with military and law enforcement.  

    Not saying hand-laid boats will go away, but AM is coming to all types of manufacturing.
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    That's awesome, wish they would have spent more time showing us the boat instead on advertising there company.
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    If so, I think I may buy a printer and get in the boat manufacturing business. I’m gonna start taking orders January of 2020. Brilliant idea but drive trains will still be expensive. 
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    For only $25M, you too could print your own 25-foot hull!  
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    With the advancement of polymers how long before we have a literal plastic hull.  Build your own 28 to 30 ft trawler.  Use recycled plastic for your materials.  No one cares if a trawler cabin looks  boxy mine craft drawn.  Power her with two recycled isuzu 2.2 reefer engines that are decommissioned for EPA regulations paired to a couple cheap used outdrives.  The older volvo drives could be made counter rotation by flipping the f/r cable. I like inboards but rudder design can be an issue and backing inboards is always a gambel.  

    With a polymer hull you could have a water ballast keel making her easily trailerable yet stable in the water.

    Dropping the ballast may even make a proper design semi displacement hull fairly fast on smooth waters.  
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    I guessed that it was a $25M facility, but I was wrong.  It was $40M.  
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    I wonder if I can print some of those big checks with it too so I can pay for it. 
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    @shawnmjr.....there is already a printer for that - Xerox Color Industrial Pro.....makes great $100 bills.
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