Transom assemblies and engine room makeover

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[EDIT:  This project evolved into a major renovation, so I changed the title.]

I'm heading towards a long-deferred repair:  Both of my transom assemblies are leaking, and one side has heavy corrosion around the steering pin.  When I haul out for winter layover, I'll probably replace both transom assemblies.  

My mechanic says he can probably do it without removing the engines (i.e. slide the engine forward).  However, I have a healthy list of jobs that would be easier with the engines out.  The boat's 13 years old with 820 hours on Merc 496s.  Here are some of the things I'd probably do:

Replace exhaust elbows and flappers
Fix minor corrosion on the engine blocks and accessories
Install wire looms for engine room wiring
Install better lighting in the engine room
Replace hard-to-reach hoses 
Give the entire ER a general cleanup

What else should I consider if I pull the engines?
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