What did you do to your boat today

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So I thought it'd be cool to maybe have one topic with just smaller stuff we all do on a daily basis. I do alot of smaller projects that I don't feel deserve it's own topic, but a quick comment would be cool. Even if you just washed it, show it off! 

Try to attach the pics, so as the topic grows there's not a bunch of missing pics. 

So today I finally waterproofed my cockpit cover. I like the Starbrite with PTEF and I have learned that a spray bottle sucks outside. I had just bought a gallon battery powered insecticide, so I used the nozzle from that. It took it from a PITA to a real quick and easy job. I also used a soft bristle brush right after spraying it on to make sure coverage was even.

2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3


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