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Since it seems a few people have liked the modifications I've made to my 2007 Rinker 370 "LaRea" over the years, I thought I'd publish this list with links.  Some are major renovations, and some are minor tweaks, but I always enjoy the time I spend doing them.  And the result is a one-of-a-kind boat!

The list is from my maintenance log, which I've been working to improve over the past few months.  It doesn't include repairs or routine maintenance -- only mods that add new features or improve what Rinker built.  I'll probably remember more stuff and add it later, but here's the list.  

Mar-13 Added dock line hooks in transom locker Link
Aug-13 Eisenglass delete in rear canvas corners Link
Sep-13 Hardin water pump upgrade Link
Jun-15 Replaced cabin TV with HDMI TV ---
Mar-16 Non-slip O-rings for faucet knobs Link
Jun-16 Modified transom locker door to open wider Link
Jun-16 Added spring holder for cockpit trash can lid Link
Jun-16 Added anchor chain for weight balance ---
Aug-16 Anti-glare mats for helm Link
Sep-16 Added shelf above microwave Link
Jan-17 Installed autopilot Link
Jun-17 Added second VHF radio and antenna Link
Jun-17 Digital helm makeover Link
Sep-18 Relocated stereo amp from cabin to cockpit Link
Nov-18 LED courtesy lights and speaker lights Link
Nov-18 Added FM transmitter to stereo system Link
Nov-18 Replaced hardtop TV with drop-down 32" Roku Link
Apr-19 Converted cabin stereo cabinet to storage Link
Apr-19 Upgraded to LED nav lights and anchor light Link
May-19 Secured cockpit fill cushion to prevent slipping Link
Jun-19 ProIsoCharge battery isolator Link
Feb-20 Added canvas weather cover for transom seat ---
Aug-20 Added water filter for ice maker and sink Link
Aug-20 Added HVAC duct to engine room Link
Sep-20 Engine room makeover Link
Nov-20 Added fold-down steps to engine room Link
Dec-20 Relocated batteries, water heater and water tank Link
Mar-21 Transom door modified to eliminate rattle Link
Apr-21 Installed fish finder Link
Aug-21 Accumulator tank for freshwater system Link
Aug-21 Reversed hinges on V-berth locker door Link
Feb-22 Converted breaker panel lights to LED Link
Dec-22 Modified engine room hatch to open wider Link
Jan-23 Hill Marine 4x4 22" prop sets Coming soon


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